Dead Man’s Disco, Friday the 13th 2018


Friday the 13th marked Otium’s explosive Auckland debut. Through the heavy industrial door of 25B, down a long staircase illuminated with neon lights - attendees were transported into the lush scene of 25B, a refurbished Gentlemen’s club.

Aside from the odd nod to the spooky date, the focus was well and truly the music. And what a high calibre of performances we were treated to.

Honeybone’s DJ-ing can only be described as performance art, his rich character and tunes had the dancefloor amping. Leighton Fairlie and Fabiano Fava had responses ranging from couples ballroom dancing to people skanking, their unique sound hits you right in the heart. Their project is music that unites people, makes them think and uplifts them.

Otium were electric from start to finish. They hit us with a mixture of incredible original music such as their latest single “Curious” and funky renditions of favourites such as Thriller and Miss Jackson. Otium’s charm lies in the fact that while incredibly talented and charismatic, they remain humble. Truly connecting with the audience as one group of people collectively enjoying a Friday night.

It’s safe to say that Otium are in the early phases of what will be a massive career.

Who can resist the funk?