Who is Honeybone?


He is a DJ. He is an MC. He is tightly wound ball of funk and fury. If you're having a gig, and you need an entertainer to set the scene and bring the crowd to the point of readiness, then Honeybone is the man for you.

Hailing from the northern hemisphere, Honeybone first came to prominence in NZ when he was invited to accompany local legends The Hipstamatics on their summer tour in early 2017. He wowed crowds with his dance moves, sweet vinyl selections and 'out-there' styles.

Not content with this one off showcase, Honeybone went on the road again with chart toppers Strangely Arousing to much applause. Crowds went wild for his freestyle raps and general nice guy demeanor. Since then, Honeybone has been keeping his vinyl (and his tight white flares) in pristine condition while undertaking DJ duties at various Auckland bars.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to experience a Honeybone show, then you're already missing out.

This is one act that adds to any line up.