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Eclectic foursome Kazia composed of vocalist Phoebe Walsh (Brown Sugar Factory), drummer Oliver Prendegast (Strangely Arousing), bassist Michael Anderson (The Vibes) and Michael Ligani (Big Tasty) on the keys have diced together their divergent palates, and quietly simmered their creations to perfection ready to be served up to punters up and down the land of the long white cloud.

Combining the energy & experience of 4 musicians from widely different backgrounds Kazia is the long lost love child of their influences Bey, Amy Winehouse and Michael McDonald. Showcasing the powerful lead vocal of Phoebe Walsh, Kazia is driven by their delivery of emotional ballads and slick pop hooks over a modernized jazz feel.

Kazia’s namesake is in reference to the golden tree that blooms in late Spring throughout Southeast Asia. It’s flowers are said to bring joy and good fortune to all who are gifted them. Like the flowers, Kazia’s debut self titled EP captures their good fortune in studio working with talented producer Scott Seabright spanning a range of tracks from supercharged soulful ballads to mature pop sensibilities.

With the new EP having just dropped on the 13th of September Kazia is the perfect calling card for your summer playlist.

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Home Early - Single

360 Monthly Listeners
1300 Streams

Released Aug 2022

Gloves Off - EP

400 Monthly Listeners
360 Streams

Released Sept 2022


Kazia EP Recording | Official Music Video
Take a look behind the scenes into Kazia's recording process for Gloves Off the EP.


Notable Performances

Event Capacity Location
Galatos Main Room 250 Auckland
Cassette EP Release 200 Central
Warehouse Rave 250 Mangere

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