Leighton answers 19 Questions in 190 Seconds


Bay of Plenty’s prodigal son Leighton Fairlie returns to the shores of his hometown Mount Maunganui a full line up to celebrate the release of his debut EP ‘Distant’.
We’ve caught up with him to ask him 19 questions about his album and release show in 190 seconds to celebrate the release show on Friday 19th Of July.

1. Why name your EP ‘Distant’? It references the distance between myself and my daughter and also distancing myself from certain things in my life in order to enable change. New beginnings.

2. What is waiting in store for us on the 19th of July? The best night of your life and no sleep.

3. Name every act performing on the night? Leighton Fairlie, Sambora, Sulu, Copper Feel, Izzy Bones.

4. Why are you holding it in the Mount? Mt Maunganui is my hometown when I started my music career and where the majority of my fans reside.

5. If you had to put your life purpose into a 10 second answer? Father, making people laugh, spreading kindness and love. Also trying hard not to overdose.

6. What is the chemical makeup of a Russian RBMK nuclear reactor core? I have no freaking idea, pingers?

7. Is there an after party and at what's address? I’m waiting for my manager to sort that one out for me and I don't know his address yet.

8. What genre would you call your music? Experimental Roots.

9. Favourite album? East 99 - Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, my first cassette tape...

10. Biggest influences? Metallica, Korn, Iggy, 2PAC, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.

11. Best yarn in under 10 seconds? Why did the chicken cross the road, I dunno I’m asking you freakin the question.

12. You’ve toured Brazil, what's the musical mecca for your travels? A tour of the North Island of New Zealand...

13. If you could only perform a live show with a single piece of gear what would you walk out on stage with? The Didgeridoo.

14. How is opening for Reuben Stone going? Auckland was a mean vibe. Heaps of good yarns, great dude to tour with.

15. Name The Distant Tracklist Backwards? Moonka, Distant, awww wait, f#$k...

16. Are you excited or nervous about dropping the Loop Pedal for this show? Excited, sick of my shit loops haha, so keen for folks to hear a live band power through these songs.

17. Where did you get an 8 piece band from in 8 weeks? Being a cuzzie... all maori bro, all the hongi’s.

18. Favourite musical instrument that you play and why? Novation bass synth because everyone loves it when some fat bass drops in. The SPD is also super fun though.

19. Where can folks buy tickets for the Distant EP Release show on the 19th of July 2019 featuring DJ Sambora, Izzy Bones, Copper Feel and Leighton Failie at Totara Street in The Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand! Ticketmaster, no wait Ticket Fairy, f#$k no, Under The Radar!