Otium: "Early 17th century. From classical Latin ōtium leisure, freedom from business, ease, peace; of uncertain origin.”

Freedom, ease and peace are definitely words you would use to describe Whangarei based Otium. Their smooth funky tunes will have you out of your seat and daydreaming of summer road trips and steamy nights. The band’s synergy is electric but you cannot deny the charisma of each of the individual members. Grayson’s passionate approach to drumming provides the foundation for others to build off. Devon’s solid bass line and sweet effects on the synth add to the unique style and sound of Otium. Scott’s earthy style, confidence and ease on lead guitar add to the effortless yet precise vibe of the band. Austyn’s enthusiasm for music is written all over his face from the first song of the set to the last and Jesse’s vocals, style and attitude make him the kind of frontman that always has a group of young fans gazing up adoringly at him from the pit. Combined, Otium are a formidable force here to shake up the music industry.

Otium’s history is long and rich despite the band’s members all being in their early 20s. The band has seen many iterations and at least one brief stint on a reality television show. Jesse and Austyn formed Otium in high school back in 2014. Their talent and potential was obvious to anyone who saw them perform. Scott, Grayson and Devon have been playing as a three piece for four years and eventually jumped on board one by one, starting with Scott in early 2017.

Since their establishment in 2014, Otium have developed a highly dynamic live show and a unique sound which continues to propel them through the New Zealand Music scene. Hailing from the Northland city of Whangarei, the band has built a substantial following in their home region which has begun spreading across the country following the release of their self-titled EP in October 2017.

Want to see the magic for yourself? Grab a ticket to Otium’s Deadman Disco, gracing 25B on Friday April the 13th. Tickets on sale now from Under The Radar.