Past Productions

The Stone Cold Records team pride themselves in dabling across a range of quality musical products. Whether thats musical content, video content or live music ventures.
You can see some of the magic below.

Sweet Soul

818,000+ Streams

Released 2017

Falling Autumn

5,000,000+ Streams

Released 2017


2,300,000+ Streams

Released 2017

High Off You

1,400,000+ Streams

Released 2017

Music Video

Bliss | Music Video
Debut music video, filmed in New York. Coverage with Chill Nation, EscapeTracks, DYNMK, R&B Nation, Indie Current, played on BBC Radio 1 by Phil Taggart


Notable Performances

Event Capacity Location
Westward Music Festival 2017 50,000 Vancouver, Canada
Swimming Bell // Josey Dear // Alayna Powley at Cape House 100 Brooklyn, New York
Rockwood Music Hall (Headline) 100 Brooklyn, New York

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