Our blog has been a little quiet over the last couple months as we have had the pleasure of following our incredible artists around Aotearoa. So here’s a quick catch up/recap of all the cool shit we’ve been up to this Summer.

Previously on SCR…


Counting ourselves lucky to have this soulful goddess back in NZ! She saw out her record breaking EP release with her ‘Sweet Soul’ release show at K’ Road’s Anthology Lounge. An intimate showcase of her incredible talents highlighted by the show’s audio and visual production. Alayna recently appeared on “7 Days” segment “Slice of Seven” to an extremely receptive audience! Check it out for yourself!

DJ Straw Hat

Our funky mate DJ Straw Hat has been breaking hearts and taking names as he spreads his contagious energy from gig to gig. Drawing a massive crowd in St. Kevin’s Arcade and entertaining hundreds of people in line for VICE’s Christmas party at Whammy, it’s safe to say Strawhat’s debut performance at First Thursdays on K’ Road was a success! He followed this up with appearances at High Street Festival and Auckland’s Seaport festival. He’s currently on the road touring the country with Strangely Arousing.

Leighton Fairlie

Leighton released his debut single Galaxy, which went on to be played from the bottom of NZ to the top of Brazil - pleasing the ears of dub enthusiasts worldwide. He’s currently laying down the final touches on his EP which is scheduled for release mid 2019. Listen to Galaxy.


Following their incredibly successful tour of the North Island, Otium played a handful of private shows before hitting the studio. They welcomed in the new year recording at Roundhead with Scott Seabright, keep an eye out for details of their latest release coming soon! Once out of the studio, they headed to beautiful Raglan for Soundsplash. They absolutely smashed their set and left the large crowd that had gathered wanting more (literally, they chanted for a second encore…).

Soundsplash 2019 Photo by: Dane Scott Creative

Strangely Arousing

Strangely Arousing celebrated the release of single ‘La De Da’ with a close to capacity show at Auckland’s Tuning Fork. They brought the fire with an extremely tight set and presenting one of their best produced live shows to date. They’re currently on a summer tour of NZ, returning to some of their favourite venues such as The Butter Factory & Okere Falls Store as well as throwing in appearances at festivals such as Tora Bombora, Wellington Food & Wine, Okura Forest and Cuba Dupa!

The Noise

Surely one of the busiest bands on the scene, regularly hopping from venue to venue playing multiple gigs a week. They rang in the new year to their first ever sold out show at Luke’s Kitchen in Whitianga.