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You’d be forgiven for thinking that The Vibes had teleported from the psychedelic 60’s to modern day Auckland.

Despite their relative youth, the bohemian trio, comprised of enigmatic frontman Brendon Thomas, drummer Timothee Nolier and bassist Michael Anderson seem to take their cues from the ghosts of Hendrix and his Woodstock luminaries, delivering a brand of classic rock that owes much to the tasseled sleeves of decades’ past. Their sound is retro, but not contrived; a throwback to the peace and vibe of the Summer of Love.

“Our music holds a deep, spiritual and creative energy,” explains Thomas, “our songs encapsulate human connection, love as well as complete fictional storytelling.” Stemmed in blues, funk and soul, the band’s diverse sound has been crafted from years of work on the live circuit and all-night jam sessions. Thomas plays conductor, wielding ‘Lady’ his trusty Stratocaster, backed by the rhythm section of Bonham devotee Timothee Nolier and deft bass player Michael Anderson.

It’s no surprise then that in 2015 the band managed to catch the ear of Kiwi rock and roll luminary, Split Enz’s Eddie Rayner, who signed on to produce the bands forthcoming ‘Wrap You in The Sun’ EP.

The boys distinguish themselves with uncompromising performances and their enthusiasm and genuine delight with 'jamming' with each other and strutting their stuff to audiences.” Says Rayner. “I was reminded of my years in Split Enz, where we felt we were on a mission, germinating in NZ but determined to take our 'thing' to the wider world.” “The Vibes are great young musicians and remind me hugely of bands from the greatest era of popular music, the 1960s. Bands such as The Small Faces, Blind Faith and even the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The new EP displays their musical and compositional prowess and the quality of Brendon's voice. I'm excited to be working with them, excited to see how the EP is received, and definitely excited about seeing their future unfold!”

Soaked in the sounds of rock’s halcyon days, the EP’s lead single ‘Let it Fly’ captures The Vibes live in studio at their most elemental, spanning classic supercharged retro riffs and mature pop sensibilities. Thomas says the song is an “anthem of freedom.”

“It’s about instinct” he continues, “about allowing the right karma through and letting your soul shine. It calls upon the search within all of us to find what makes us happy, and that is, passion - regardless of what people may think or say.”

Real World

200 Monthly Listeners
2000+ Streams

Released 2019

Wrap You In The Sun

600 Monthly Listeners
30,000+ Streams

Released 2017

The Eclect

200 Monthly Listeners
60,000+ Streams

Released 2014

Music Videos

Georgia | Live Video - 92,882 Views
The Vibes rendition and live performance of Ray Charles - 'Georgia on My Mind' for Willy Moon and Jason Kerrison.

Real World | Live Video - 2,715 Views
The Vibes perform "Real World" live at Anthology Lounge in Auckland.

Let It Fly | 360 Live Video - 2,945 Views
The Vibes perform live version of original song - Let it Fly in a 360 surround experience.


Notable Performances

Event Capacity Location
Balloons Over Waikato - Headline 70,000 Waikato
Napier Soundshell - New Years Eve 25,000 Napier
Amplify Rock Festival - Wolfmother (Support) 2,000 Palmerston North
Rhythm & Vines 2016 10,000 (Sold Out) Gisborne
The XFactor Final 350,000 (Televised) TV3
I Am Giant - Kiss from a Ghost Tour (Support) 1,000 Power Station, Auckland
Sound Splash 2017 20,000 Raglan

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