Search Engine Optimisation

We offer a tailored plan for SEO which is simple, inexpensive and effective. By following clever software analysis of your website and your close competitors as well as the key rules of the Google algorithm we can deliver results for your page rankings. Below we have laid out our initial 5 step plan.

1. Software Based Analysis

We run all pages of your website through professional SEO software which enables us to quickly identify the missing pieces on your existing site functionally and also which keywords best support the search terms that relate to your particular audience.

2. Competitor Analysis - Metadata

Looking at your competitors we identify the keywords and meta description points that they use for similar services you offer. In doing so we can quickly identify and implement similar meta titles, keywords and descriptions across all pages of your website to compete with them for search terms on all fronts.

3. Site Url's

Possibly one of the most underated SEO tricks is to simplify your site URLs and generating a sitemap. This allows you to share and direct people and search engines easily from backlinks across the web to your pages from Blogs, Articles and many other high ranking locations to push your page raknks up.

4. Image and Media Content Metadata

Over 30% of Googles total search loads are via multimedia based searches. By optomising and adding media metadata to every peice of content throuhgout your website we are able to increase the chances of drawing traffic into you website.

5. Site Speed Anaylsis and Improvements

It might seem like quite a simple step but the speed of your page loads are one of the most key portions in the SEO toolbox which will hold you back. We identify the key 'anchors' in your website and provide options and implement these fixes for you.

6. BONUS - Google Advertising

Not really a natural SEO booster however the most effective tool to garuantee leads and site traffic is via Google Advertising. We've helped a range of customers set up and analyse an on-going Google Ads campaign with regular targeting optimisations and reports. The best part is you only pay for the impressions and clicks that Google provides you.

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